Universal LC™ Fiber Trunk

The Universal LC™ Trunk makes you future-proof.  Now there's no need to make additional investments due to increased demand for Mini LC.

  • The Universal LC™ features Adjustable Pitch (mini LC and standard LC, Reversible Polarity, the Rapid Release Latch™ for quick removal from a crowded panel, and a High Density 3 mm Jacket that reduces space demands.
  • The Universal LC™ Trunk Cable features a Pulling Eye/Pulling Pod, designed to protect terminations while pulling pre-terminated cables through data floor, cable tray, or conduit.
  • The Universal LC™ Trunk Cable features a Micro Core Trunk that can fit 72 fibers into a 24-fiber space (less than the diameter of a dime), helping in a high density situation.
  • The Universal LC™ Trunk Cable features a Slimline Breakout Joint which improves the ability to deploy cable through tight spaces.
  • The Universal LC™ Trunk Cable gives you three Breakout Options:
  1. Even-length breakouts
  2. Staggered breakouts (keeping a thinner profile)
  3. Custom Breakouts