Universal Patch™ Panel

The Universal Patch™ by Total Cable Solutions provides:

  • Future-Proof Design - Modular design features interchangeable brackets to accommodate most major label (i.e. Corning) form factors.
  • Smart Numbering - Customized system matches up to most major label plates (i.e. Brocade, Cisco).
  • Ultra Dense Panel - Up to 64-Port duplex LC fits in a 1U design design maximizing space savings.
  • 0U Cable Management - Saves rack space with no need for additional cable management


  • Sliding Tray allows easy access for future adds/changes
  • Movable or removable stoppers to stop the sliding tray
  • Can mount 2 back to back in many racks for higher density
  • Smart Numbering to match different manufacturers
  • 0U Cable Management
  • Interchangeable brackets help to Future-Proof your investment
  • High Density as well as Low Density configurations available
  • Standard 19" rack mountable unit