DCIM Enhancement

Is Your DCIM RF Code Ready


We Energize DCIM Solutions with the Power of Real-Time Data


The lack of real-time information can limit the effectiveness of all DCIM applications. RF Code makes it easy to add the real-time asset tracking and environmental and power monitoring data to your DCIM solution, so you get maximum value from your DCIM investment.


Our open approach puts us squarely at the center of leading third party DCIM platforms. We make it easy for you to efficiently use the environmental, power usage and asset data captured by RF Code solutions by:

  • Providing integration modules for popular DCIM applications
  • Supporting open technology standards such as SNMP, OPC, JMX, Modbus, BACnet and others
  • Offering custom integration modules through the use of our open API’s at the hardware, middleware and application layers. These support industry standard data interchange format such as XML, JSON, Web APIs and more

Adding Value

Integrating RF Code’s asset tracking, environmental monitoring or both into your DCIM adds the power of:

  • Asset Tracking
    • Fully automated, real-time inventory 24/7
    • Extremely accurate rack level asset location
    • Instant asset movement notification
  • Environmental Monitoring
    • Fully automated, real-time monitoring of physical conditions
    • Instant threat condition alerting
    • Highly accurate thermal monitoring

When coupled with RF Code, your DCIM solution provides greatly enhanced control, visualization, capacity planning, and modeling.

No other solution is as easy to integrate, deploy, and use.

If you already have a DCIM solution, RF Code is the ideal complementary solution.  Not yet implemented a DCIM solution? No worries.  RF Code solutions provide immediate value even before your DCIM solution is installed. 

Is your Data Center RF Code ready?