Data Center Energy Optimization

Are you optimizing your Data Center’s Energy Utilization?


The problem with any optimization task is knowing how to balance competing requirements to achieve the optimal result.  This same principle holds true when optimizing energy utilization in your data center.  Here, the competing factors are energy usage vs. equipment reliability.  If a data center is too hot, equipment reliability suffers.  If a data center is too cool, significant dollars are wasted and energy bills can skyrocket.  Studies have shown that for every degree that air intake temperatures are raised, a data center can save about 2% of its annual power expenditure. A typical 8,000 square foot data center has an annual power expenditure of about $1.6 million.   Raising the air intake temperature set point just 2 degrees results in a savings of $64,000.00. 

We enable data center energy optimization with real-time wire-free sensors, software, & industry leading metrics


Our approach utilizes wire-free sensors, enterprise-class monitoring software, and industry proven metrics.  You can’t optimize what you don’t measure, and you can’t measure what you don’t monitor.   In order to optimize data center energy usage, RF Code’s wire-free sensors must be installed per the ASHRAE and NEBS thermal monitoring guidelines.   However, this is not enough because it produces mountains of individual values or raw data.  For most data center operators, it is difficult to comprehend this amount of information and make it useful.  RF Code’s intelligent software transforms the raw data into the easy to understand Rack Cooling Index (RCI) metric and the Return Temperature Index (RTI) metric.  These metrics enable you to make intelligent changes and then immediately understand the results of the changes driving you towards an energy optimized data center.

Open Platform

Keep in mind that RF Code’s solution was designed for integration and sharing information.  All of the raw sensor information as well as the computed metrics can be shared with other monitoring applications as well as industry-leading DCIM solutions using standardized protocols and open APIs.

Easy, Fast, and Smart

Optimizing energy use in your data center requires an intelligent solution that consists of hardware, software and best practices.  RF Code delivers all three in a solution that is easy to deploy, provides a fast return on investment, and helps you make smart optimization decisions.

Is your Data Center’s Energy Utilization Optimized?