RF Code

RF Code provides an active RFID-enabled infrastructure for both real-time asset management and environmental monitoring across the entire enterprise. Using active RFID as the enabling technology to automate asset monitoring, our solutions eliminate the traditional costly, time consuming and inaccurate asset and environmental monitoring process. Customers know, in real-time, precise and actionable information about the location, status and state of their physical assets. Having such dynamic asset information instantly and at all times leads to better decision making about asset inventory. The result is better audit compliance, inventory accuracy, security and environmental status awareness. And typically at a cost lower than any other solutions. Moreover, ROI usually is achieved within a year.



All RF Code asset and sensor tags feature encoded radio transmissions, low power consumption for long battery life and reduced maintenance costs, and superior anti-collision technology for high-tag densities. Tags can include motion and tamper detection sensors, customizable beacon rates, and a broad variety of mounting and enclosure options.



RF Code’s family of active readers are used in a variety of environments and situations that call for asset tracking. When deployed in concert with RF Code Active RFID tags, our readers give customers an unparalleled asset tracking solution that provides location precision for all tagged assets, from the rack-level, through the room-level, to the extended enterprise. Our readers are easily installed and work well in both wired and wireless network environments.



RF Code’s software products work in conjunction with RF Code's tags and readers to provide complete real-time asset management and environmental monitoring solutions, providing up-to-the minute information about asset locations, movement, security and environmental status, without requiring any manual labor to gather this information.