What We Do

It’s not a matter of if –
it’s a question of when.

Government sponsored hackers, advanced cyber criminals, and even unskilled “hactivists” operate with relative ease against today’s information systems because of the sophistication of new tools at their disposal and their ability to connect quickly to full featured command and control systems. Even with top-notch defensive tools in place, most companies don’t know how to detect such attacks, let alone fix them.

Join the Conversation

Red Sky® Alliance is a real-time, private subscription-based cyber neighborhood watch and when needed, an out of band ‘war room’. Inside the portal members share information about current advanced threats using a full and rich set of social media tools and assist each other with analysis, best practice, and preventing future attacks.

On the back end, Red Sky® analysts use the information to author Fusion Reports that detail, in a clear and cohesive way, all information known about the subject. The Fusion Report includes an executive summary, detailed analysis, mitigation recommendations, and a list of indicators in an easy to use Kill Chain format.

The Protection

If one company gets attacked, many others will too in a very short time — Imagine knowing within minutes from another member when an attack occurs and being provided actionable information and full service malware analysis – at Red Sky® Alliance this is business as usual.

Join the Conversation. Companies with incredible information security teams are joining the Red Sky® Alliance every week. Be one of them – start protecting your environment today.