When an average breach takes over 400 days to detect and $2 million dollars to clean up, imagine the savings in operational impact and hard dollars that real time detection and action can bring.

Red Sky® Alliance is a subscription based real time private cyber neighborhood watch and when needed, an out of band ‘war room’. Inside the portal members share information about current advanced threats and assist each other with analysis, best practice, and preventing future attacks.

Members in our portal see attacks occurring in near real time and are provided actionable information and full service analysis. Red Sky® analysts author Fusion Reports that include an executive summary, detailed analysis, mitigation recommendations, and a list of indicators in an easy to use Kill Chain format – at Red Sky® Alliance this is business as usual.

Red Sky® members are select Fortune 500 companies responsible for several million computers in multiple industry sectors. Our members provide hosting to thousands of companies, move quadrillions of dollars every day, clear seven out of ten credit card transactions in the world, and manufacture high-end electronics for many of the defense communities internationally.

The quality and professionalism of our vetted and peer reviewed members brings a diversity of information to the Red Sky® portal not found anywhere else –unique perspectives, international, cross sector feeds, and published dedicated fused analytic reports making Red Sky® an essential element in protecting your environment.

Join the Conversation. Companies with incredible information security teams are joining the Red Sky® Alliance every week. Be one of them – start protecting your environment today.