Xtreme Power Conversion XPRT Series (1-3 kVA)

Delivering maximum power quality and backup power protection with its double-conversion, online design, Xtreme Power Conversion's XPRT Series of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPSs) is characterized by online topology, multiple mounting ability (rack, tower, wall mount) and unparalleled features. The XPRT Series offers uncompromised levels of reliability and efficiency at an optimum value.

Xtreme Power Conversion XPRT Series (6 and 10 kVA)

Both the XPRT-6kVA model (4U) and theXPRT-10kVA (6U) are the smallest available solutions including hot-swappable internal batteries, automatic bypass, integrated maintenance bypass, and dual-voltage output.XPRT dual-inverter design provides simultaneous output voltages of 240/120V, 208/120V, 230/115V, 220/110V, or 200/100V without the need for transformers - saving space, weight, and power.

Xtreme Power Conversion NXRT Series (1-3 kVA)

The Network Xtreme Rack Tower Series (NXRT) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) eliminates questions about physical form with the unique ability to tower-mount, rack-mount and wall-mount. Users can feel confident that theNXRT will fit virtually anywhere in their network. The NXRT Series is comprised of four models: 1000VA, 1500VA, 2000VA and 3000VA, providing network grade power delivered via online double-conversion technology. A three year electronics warranty provides "peace of mind" that reliability has been engineered into the product line. Virtually Infinite Runtime via the self-charging extended battery packs means that you can increase the runtime as much as desired. The NXRT Series UPS is the perfect choice for critical business servers, point of sale equipment, telephony and data networks.

Powerware 9120 (700-3000 VA)

The Powerware® 9120 uninterruptible power system provides maximum protection in the 700-3000 VA range and is ideal for networks, web servers and telecommunications equipment.

Powerware 9125 (700-6000 VA)

Combining superior performance with innovative features, the Powerware® 9125 is the ultimate UPS in its class. The Powerware® 9125 delivers premium power protection for banking and security systems, manufacturing process control, servers and telecommunications equipment.


Powerware 9130 UPS Rack/Tower

The Eaton 9130 UPS provides more real power and greener IT with high performance protection and battery backup for unpredictable power in any IT environment.


Powerware 9135 UPS Rack/Tower

The Eaton 9135 UPS offers advanced power protection and battery backup for any IT environment, including networking, centralized retail and manufacturing.


Powerware 9140 (7.5 and 10 kVA)

Powerware's NEW 9140 Uninterruptible Power Systems provide superior de-centralized power protection for medium- and high-density rack environments. Today's racks of IT equipment are requiring even greater power, from computer rooms and wiring closets to commercial data centers. The Powerware® 9140 uninterruptible power system delivers efficient, reliable power protection in only 6U of rack space, including batteries. This double-conversion, online UPS resolves all nine commong utility power problems and supplies clean, continuous power to all connected equipment. If utility power goes out altogether, there is no delay tranferring to backup power, either to UPS batteries or an auxiliary generator. Features:


Powerware 9155 (8-15 kVA)

The superior construction of the Powerware® 9155 uninterruptible power supply makes it ideal for protecting essential IT and electrical engineering infrastructures in corporate, telecom, healthcare, banking and industrial applications.


Powerware 9170+ (3-18 kVA)

The Powerware® 9170+ uninterruptible power system, with its scalable, modular and redundant design, offers the highest level of reliability and lowest cost of ownership of any UPS in the 3-18 kVA range. Available in three-, six-, nine-, and twelve-slot configurations, the Powerware® 9170+ is ideal for server farms, networks, telecommunications, Internet service providers and other mission-critical applications.


Toshiba 1000 Series (1-1.5 kVA)

The Toshiba 1000 Series, available in both a tower and the rackmount design, supplies uninterrupted, clean single-phase power to your critical system. With an Input Power Factor greater than 0.97 and Programmable Load Shed Receptacle, the 1000 Series is ideal for a wide range of critical applications.


Toshiba 1600EP and 1600XP Series (3.6-22 kVA)

Toshiba's 1600 Series of single-phase online UPSs are available in 3.6kVA, 6kVA, 8kVA, 10kVA, 12kVA, 14kVA,18kVA, and 22kVA models. This series, available in a tower design, delivers uninterrupted, clean power to critical systems while keeping batteries charged continuously, even if the utility power fails.


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