Xtreme Power Conversion XVT Series

The Xtreme Value Tower Series (XVT) UPSs provides the ideal power protection solution for servers, VOIP equipment, business telephone systems, desktops and other network grade equipment. The XVT Series is comprised of four models: 600 VA, 800 VA, 1200 VA, and 1500 VA.

Xtreme Value is achieved by providing features commonly available in UPSs of twice the cost, or more. Thus, these feature rich, line interactive, network grade UPSs are provided at prices commonly seen in standby UPSs. Xtreme features, Xtreme Reliability and more VA for the money make the XVT Series the best choice in network power protection.

Xtreme Power Conversion S70


The S70 is a sleek, smart LCD UPS designed to deliver reliable battery backup and surge protection for your home office or small office. In the event of surges, spikes, brownouts or blackouts, the S70 activates to protect all connected critical loads.

This compact, price-competitive UPS is ready to be used right out of the box, allowing you to start backing up your equipment immediately. The smart LCD screen offers real-time monitoring of UPS vitals while shutdown and monitoring software allows for complete control of all devices in your network.

Xtreme Power Conversion XVRT

The Xtreme Value Rack/Tower Series (XVRT) UPSs provides the ideal power protection solution for servers, VOIP equipment, business telephone systems, desktops and other network grade equipment. The XVRT Series is comprised of four models: 1000 VA, 1500 VA, 2200 VA, and 3000 VA.

The XVRT eliminates physical form factor questions with the unique ability to tower mount, rack mount or wall mount so they will fit anywhere in the network.

Powerware 5110 (500-1500 VA)

With its sleek, compact design, the Powerware® 5110 UPS is an ideal solution to protect the integrity of your data and equipment from power outages, surges, sags, brownouts and overvoltage conditions.


Powerware 5115

The Powerware® 5115 UPS offers excellent protection for PCs, small-office-home-office (SOHO) equipment, NT workstations, and small Internet-working devices.


Powerware 5115 Rackmount

The Powerware® 5115 Rackmount UPS is a high-density power protection solution ideal for servers, storage systems, network equipment and other critical devices. The slim design and wide range of installation possibilities make the Powerware® 5115 Rackmount UPS one of the most versatile UPSs available.


Powerware 5125 (1000-6000 VA)

The Powerware 5125 uninterruptible power supply provides advanced power management for servers, storage, PCs, telephony and networking devices. Available in both rack-mount and tower configurations, the Powerware 5125 is one of the most flexible UPSs on the market.

Packing up to 30 percent more power into 40 percent less space than the leading rackmount UPS, the 5 kVA and 6 kVA versions offer a compact 3U design—which includes the internal batteries—with a .9 power factor—capable of protecting more equipment than any other UPS in its power range. In fact, the 6 kVA model delivers an unprecedented 5400 Watts of power, making it an ideal solution to safeguard today's popular blade server technology.


Powerware 5130 UPS Rack/Tower

The Eaton 5130 UPS offers density-optimized, highly configurable, advanced power protection for IT network/wiring closets, medical systems, communications/VoIP network systems and other mission critical applications.


Powerware 5PX (1000-3000 VA)

The 5PX provides advanced power conditioning and enterprise grade battery backup for network closets and small data centers with models ranging from 1000 to 3000 VA. It is seamlessly integrated with Intelligent Power® Software Suite and offers a truly integrated power management solution.

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