Wall Mount Cabinets / Open Racks

Swing Frame Rack

These swing frame racks offer all the conveniences of a wall mounted rack, plus the added advantage of a swing out frame for easy access to the rear of your equipment.

  • Left or right hand hinge
  • 12-24 panel mounting hardware
  • Velcro cable straps included
  • 16″ on center wall mounting (wall mounting hardware not included)
  • 75 equipment load capacity
  • Two Styles: Style A – Knockdown Assembly, Style B – Welded Assembly
  • Finish: Black Texture (BT)

Wall Mount Cabinet Keystone Series

The Wall Mount Cabinet, Keystone Series is a high style high feature enclosure that provides three section flexibility at a value price.

  • Fully welded steel construction
  • Furnished completely assembled with tempered glass front door and removable sides
  • EIA 310 compliant for 19″ mount equipment
  • Two pairs of fully adjustable panel mounting rails are included in the center section. One fixed pair of mounting rails is included in the rear section
  • One ventilated shelf provided
  • Slots with readily removable covers are provided in the top and bottom of the rear section for easy cable installation
  • Sides are readily removable but come with key lock and with ventilation at top and bottom of cabinet
  • 4 mounting slots provided in rear unit for rapid wall mounting
  • Cabinet can be mounted to rear section hinged left or right
  • Front door can be hinged left or right
  • Other sizes and modifications are available upon request
  • Black textured powder coating finish (easy to clean)
  • Two A/C fans included. Other fans available by request

Cable Management Open Rack Assembly

Karis’s cable management rack offers all the advantages of a standard open rack plus the additional advantages of built in vertical cable management, horizontal cable trough at top of rack and your choice of either 19″ or 23″ panel space width.

  • Extra deep 3.00″ x 6.50″ upright rails
  • 77.00″ of usable panel space height
  • 19.00″ or 23.00″ panel width
  • All aluminum, bolt together, construction
  • Integral vertical and horizontal cable management
  • Complete with cable management clips and straps, and all necessary hardware, in one convenient carton
  • Black finish

Keystone 4 Post Rack

The Keystone 4 post rack offers the familiar equipment mounting features of the standard aluminum racks, with the added feature of a stronger, more durable, and easy to assemble 4-point mounting system. This is ideal for extra deep and/or heavier servers, hubs, routers, or power supplies.

  • Available in 19″W and 23″W
  • Light weight but sturdy aluminum and steel construction
  • Solid and sturdy 4-point mounting
  • 12-24 Tapped equipment mounting holes on EIA universal centers (5/8″,5/8″,1/2″)
  • Fixed depth members allow mounting of wiring ladder and/or cableway
  • Quickly assembled with one 5/8″ wrench
  • Can be joined together in multiple bay configurations
  • Meets EIA-310 standards
  • Floor mounting holes
  • Black textured finish. Other finishes available upon request

Bonus Features:

  • Optional Adjusting Brackets allow mounting of a mix of different depth equipment.
    KT-AB-8089 (1.75″H X 8.00″D). Sold in pairs.
  • Optional full-height intermediate Adjusting Panel Mounting Rails allow mounting of a gang of different depth equipment.
    KT-PMR-8088 (75.25″H Panel Space). Sold in pairs.
  • Optional Adjustable Shelf
    KT-SH-8096 (3.50″H x 24.00″ to 36.00″D)
  • Accepts most Karis standard accessories
  • Shipped knockdown in one carton

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