Today’s data centres are showcase environments. They are the lifeblood of the organization and require flexible enclosure solutions that address multiple criteria. We have designed our enclosures based on input from some of the leading data centre managers, IT consultants and engineers in North America. This has led to exciting leading edge solutions that meet such challenges as cooling, thermal management and cable management head on.

Imperative Series Enclosures

Imperative Rack 5000 series: Vendor neutral, high strength 24″W cabinet. A comprehensive low cost cabinet solution, fully integrated with active and passive cooling. Ships in a heavy duty wooden crate to eliminate freight damage!

Product Summary


  • Robust welded construction with 1700 lb weight capacity (uniformly distributed and without casters)
  • Mesh locking front door that can be mounted left or right
  • Mesh split rear door with solid triple point latching system
  • Two pairs of high strength RMA mounting rails *Mounting rails are fully adjustable front and back
  • Fan box with 4 fans
  • Includes four casters and four levelers (unassembled)
  • Includes ventilated shelves (one with 27U cabinet and two with 42U and 45U cabinets)
  • 6 cable management brackets
  • Sides are easily removable to allow quick assembly access
  • Rack made of 18 ga. steel with 14 ga. panel mounting rails
  • Open base for convenient cable access
  • Covered slot in top for additional cable access
  • Vented at top and bottom of sides
  • Comes fully assembled


Black powdered coating (easy to clean)

Cornerstone Series Enclosures

Rack enclosures with advanced cooling, power distribution, and cable management for server and networking applications in IT environments.

Product Summary:

  • Lockable doors and side panels
  • Mounts two metered PDUs in one rear channel
  • Guaranteed Compatability
  • Casters
  • Door ventilation exceeds 1000in2
  • Facilitates overhead cable management
  • Multi-vendor equipment compatibility
  • Provides Mounting Option for PDUs
  • Quick release doors
  • Cable Access
  • Leveling feet
  • Split rear doors
  • Facilitates rear/vertical cable management
  • Numbered U positions
  • Protective grounding provisions
  • Quick release side panels
  • Vertical Mounting Rails with square holes
  • Adjustable mounting depth
  • Facilitates overhead power distribution
  • Removeable doors and side panels
  • Reversible doors
  • Optimized depth
  • Adjustable Front Vertical Mounting Rail
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Ventilated Doors with Scalable Cooling Options
  • Supports 600 mm floor tile spacing
  • UBC Zone 4 stabilization provisions
  • Deep form factor (42Inch)
  • Expanded Cable Management
  • Rolls through a 2 meter doorway
  • Tool-less mounting
  • Supports 24 inch floor tile spacing

Colocation Enclosures

Karis Tech cabinets, available in 2 or 3 compartment configurations, allow for multiple tenants to occupy the same cabinet, while maintaining a degree of security.

These units come standard with secure cable management for each compartment, as well as 4 adjustable 19″ EIA mounting angles to facilitate mounting patch panels, shelves, horizontal cable managers, etc.

Included are perforated mesh front doors and double louvered rear doors to provide excellent air flow. To further air flow, the cabinets can be equipped with fan kits, Standard color is black. Upon request, custom colours and sizes are available.

Standard features include:

  • Heavy gauge fully welded construction
  • Secure cable management for each compartment
  • Perforated mesh front doors provide excellent air flow
  • 4 x 19″ EIA adjustable mounting rails are provided for each compartment
  • All doors are lockable, keyed differently and lift off for ease of equipment and cable installation
  • Various horizontal cable managers, power bars and shelves available
  • Cooling fan kits
  • Compartment divider is load bearing
  • Optional Casters

Seismic Enclosure

Karis Technologies Inc. is pleased to introduce our new Seismic Enclosure.

The new cabinet, called “Atlas” is a 24″ wide x 42″-deep, 42U cabinet.

Atlas is now officially certified by MET Labs to the NEBS Telcordia GR-63-CORE, ANSI T1.329-2002 and T1.336-2003 standards. The test was done for “Zone 4″ requirements, the most demanding of the tests, which roughly equates to a 7+ Richter scale seismic event. Atlas was loaded with 550 kgs., one of the highest in the industry, and passed all required test with flying colors.

MET Labs is an independent laboratory whose primary function is the testing and evaluation of products according to a broad range of domestic, foreign, commercial, and military EMC/EMI specifications. MET reputation for excellence as an independent laboratory has been earned by diligent involvement in the development of international standards and test methodologies.

Our “Atlas” zone 4 seismic 19″ cabinet reflects both the strength of the product itself and the strength of our engineering design and manufacturing support. Weighing in at only 187 KG (411 lbs.), our innovative design has been certified to an impressive 550 KG (1,210 lbs.), a weight to load ratio few others can match. Atlas doors incorporate our high density perforation pattern, providing over 1,000 square inches of open area, complying with all major server manufacturers recommended air flow guidelines.

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