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Medusa Labs Test Services

Medusa tests customer's products quickly and thoroughly in an enterprise environment to ensure that the products will survive the rigorous demands of mission-critical applications. Whereas other testing services loosely mimic the user's actual environment and therefore offer incomplete results, Medusa Labs has the equipment, tools, and knowledge to provide highly accurate test assessments. Our testing services allow our customers to deliver performance, reliability, and robustness with properly configured and integrated systems in a mission-critical enterprise environment.

The lab is designed for highly accelerated testing, interoperability, and performance verification of enterprise products and solutions. We have the ability to perform everything from product functional testing to full enterprise verification in highly stressed client/server environments. Our focus is on high-end, high-performance components and system configurations. We also provide additional supporting services to our clients, including specific customer and OEM configuration validation.

Customers come to us for our fast turnaround, superior analysis, excellent results, competitive prices, and, of course, 100% confidentiality. We work hand-in-hand with our customers' engineers to provide solutions, not just information. We provide not only the results of our tests, but the debug, analysis, and regression that is needed to ensure that the products we test perform as expected-not by our customers, but by their customers.

Medusa Labs Test Tools

The Medusa Labs Test Tools Suite performs data integrity testing, signal aggravation, and enterprise application simulation.

Medusa Labs develops test tools that meet the extreme demands of enterprise test and development engineers. The test tools have proven to be better at bringing out and analyzing more anomalies than any other commercially available or internally developed test tool packages.

Medusa Labs Training

With a blend of expertise and experience unavailable anywhere else in the industry, Medusa Labs has been recognized internationally for excellence in Fibre Channel and SAN training for more than seven years. We offer many levels of training from basic Fibre Channel architecture to in-depth studies and debugging classes. These classes are taught in an unmatched hands-on environment. Our fully wired classrooms allow students to analyze real time results using protocol analyzers and other measurement tools

  • Medusa Labs Test Tools Suite 6.0 (1.57 MB)

    The Medusa Labs Test Tool (MLTT) Suite 6.0 is the industry's leading application-based data and signal integrity testing solution for companies developing servers, switches, Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), Ethernet Network Adapters (NICs and CNAs), and other storage equipment for next-generation converged storage networks. Designed specifically to facilitate design validation, accelerate system bring-up, and confirm quality assurance, the MLTT suite provides the most comprehensive set of data integrity, benchmarking, and stress test tools to uncover and help identify data corruption errors, undesirable device and system data pattern sensitivities, input/output (I/O) timeouts, I/O losses, and system lockup scenarios, resulting in higher-quality products developed in less time and reaching the market faster. MLTT provides a stable test environment with superior performance utilizing as little CPU overhead as possible. Devices under test (DUT) can run at their optimal rates, giving developers complete—and accurate—visibility into a system's performance.