Fibre Channel

The Xgig Analysis and Test Platform for Fibre Channel and FCoE testing provides essential high-performance monitoring and protocol analysis of live traffic for 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 Gb/s Fibre Channel as well as complementary application protocols such as iSCSI, FCP, FICON and FCIP.  The Xgig platform is the leading solution for FC SAN performance, interoperability and compliance testing supporting all existing FC standards.


The Xgig5000 4,8,16 Gbps Fibre Channel Analyzer is a modular blade for the newly released Xgig 5000 platform designed for high-speed network analysis.

Error Injector

The Xgig Jammer manipulates live network traffic to simulate errors in real time, enabling users to verify the responsiveness and robustness of error recovery processes.

Load Tester

The Xgig Load Tester quickly and easily verifies data integrity, monitors network performance, and identifies a wide range of sophisticated problems across complex network topologies that would be too difficult to troubleshoot with an analyzer alone.

Bit Error Rate Tester

The Xgig BERT solution simplifies signal integrity verification and high-speed bit error measurements by injecting data patterns into the traffic stream that create worst-case data loading conditions and stress a network's physical layer to its limits.