1, 10, 40 Gbps Ethernet Analysis, Error Injection, Load Testing

Selecting the right protocol analysis and test platform for debugging SAN or NAS designs is a critical decision for developers. 

Traditionally, software-based application-level tools were considered sufficient for most network analysis needs.  However, deep analysis of equipment utilizing high-bandwidth protocols such as SMB, NFS, iSCSI, FCIP, and iFCP requires complete and accurate data capture which is beyond the capabilities of traditional software-based analyzers.  In addition, software-based analyzers that operate over TCP cannot perform proper analysis if captured packets contain truncated bytes, as is possible with TCP which can embed headers at any possible offset within the packet for efficiency.  As a consequence, the resulting exponential increase in network traffic and speed over recent years has created an unbridgeable gap between the data-capture capabilities of traditional software-based analyzers and the needs of network developers and managers for comprehensive access to data for troubleshooting and development.

The Xgig Analysis and Test Platform for Ethernet/iSCSI provides hardware-based monitoring and analysis of 1GE, 10GE, 40GE, iSCSI, and other related protocols.  Since data is captured at the Ethernet physical layer, developers have access to the entire spectrum of physical layer characteristics (i.e., pre-amble, idles, carrier extend, etc.) as well as the complete packets from any devices visible on the monitored physical link.  Additionally, capture at the physical layer gives developers visibility into all traffic segments, including CRC errors, checksum errors, and otherwise corrupted packets and/or primitives.  This unique accessibility to traffic information provides a 100% accurate iSCSI view of the network after data has been acknowledged by TCP.

The Xgig Analysis and Test Platform for Ethernet/iSCSI also supports FCoE, including the latest Enhanced Ethernet and Data Center Bridging (DCB) protocols.  Armed with the full complement of Xgig capabilities, developers are able to evaluate FCoE encapsulation and decapsulation across multiple protocols, comprehensively test Priority Flow Control mechanisms, verify encapsulated CRCs, and monitor end-to-end converged network management, all from a single platform.


  • Xgig5000 40G Ethernet Analyzer (1.24 MB)

    The JDSU Xgig 40 G Ethernet analyzer is a versatile, state-of-the-art solution for monitoring and analyzing live traffic of a wide range of Ethernet protocols including FCoE, FIP, data center bridging (DCB), IEEE802.1Qx, TCP/IP, iSCSI, RPC/NFS, SMB/CIFs, AoE, iWARP, and RoCE. The hardware is based on the JDSU high-end Xgig 5000 platform and the 8-port 10 G Ethernet blade that can be configured as 2-port for 40 G Ethernet. The chassis hosts up to four such blades and the analyzer uses a comprehensive suite of analysis software applications to provide a unique platform—a platform that offers the advanced multi-protocol, multi-application, and multi-channel capabilities users need to troubleshoot high-speed storage and networking applications.

  • Xgig 10GbE/FC/FCoE Analyzer (977.94 KB)

    With the Xgig® Load Tester, developers are able to quickly and easily verify data integrity, monitor network performance, and identify a wide range of sophisticated problems across even the most complex network topologies that would be otherwise too difficult to troubleshoot with an analyzer alone.

  • Xgig GbE/iSCSI Protocol Analyzer (3.27 MB)

    The Xgig® iSCSI protocol analysis is part of the Gigabit Ethernet protocol analyzer solution from Finisar. Xgig, designed for heavy-duty data traffic and complicated network structures, offers the industry a reliable analysis tool for high-bandwidth protocols such as GbE and iSCSI.

  • Xgig Expert (696.92 KB)

    Expert software comes standard with all Xgig Analyzers and Bus Doctor Rx Protocol Analyzers to provide a unique and robust set of debugging and analysis capabilities specifically designed to accelerate and simplify device development and troubleshooting.

Generators & Testers:

  • Xgig 10GbE Delay Emulator (498.73 KB)

    # The Xgig 10 GbE Delay Emulator simplifies and accelerates the testing and verification of a wide range of delay-based transmissions issues, including propagation delay, packet stream delay due to the multipath routing of protocols, queue delay, delay jitter, and packet/frame reordering arising from fabric processing delay errors.

  • Xgig High Density10GbE Load Tester Solution (599.3 KB)

    his single 3U chassis contains 8 to 32 ports making this the industry’s highest port density compared to previous generations of load testers. Focusing on converged Ethernet/unified fabric and FCoE network testing, this function offers sophisticated layer 2-3 functional verification and network performance tests.

Error Injectors:

  • Xgig Jammer (1.88 MB)

    The Xgig® Jammer manipulates live network traffic to simulate errors in real time, enabling users to verify the responsiveness and robustness of error recovery processes. Giving a high level of control to users, the Jammer makes it possible to create preset configuration files that comprehensively iterate through all relevant error conditions to ensure complete test coverage, verify error recovery, and guarantee overall reliability of operation.