Bypass TAPs






The primary function of the Bypass TAP is to provide fail-proof network access and operation of an In-Line Sensor. In-Line sensors include IPS/IDS, Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), Firewall, Content Filtering, and security devices.

New vulnerabilities are discovered daily. New attack signatures must be added to the In-Line Sensors to address these vulnerabilities. The ByPass TAP is a stand-alone unit separate from the In-Line Sensor. This allows for easy software upgrades or replacement of the in-Line Sensor unit without affecting the Live Network.

The data-path of network traffic in the Bypass TAP is all hardware; this greatly increases the improbability of unpredictable operations as experienced with stacked OS/Software systems. The health of the In-Line Sensor is continually checked by the Bypass TAP via inline heartbeat packets. Heartbeat packets are injected into the In-Line Sensor ports and then as packets are received from the In-Line Sensor these heartbeat packets are decoded. The heartbeats follow a rigorous algorithm that is biased towards maximum network security by allowing traffic to flow through the In-Line Sensor under high traffic and/or packet processing conditions. If the In-Line Sensor is truly failed and not passing traffic, then the Bypass TAP hardware will bypass the In-Line Sensor and allow traffic to flow. In this state, the Bypass TAP continues to test the In-Line Sensor. If the In-Line Sensor recovers, then the ByPass TAP will bring the In-Line Sensor back online.

Bypass TAPs are fully configurable supporting Aggregation, Regeneration, Breakout, and ByPass Modes.  Available in Copper 100/1000, Fiber 1Gigabit, 10Gigabit, and coming soon 40Gigabit.

Garland Technology Integrated 8 Port High Availability Bypass TAP

The Garland Technology INT8 Integrated Bypass TAP is useful for solving High Availability (HA) monitoring in non HA environments so that there will always be an active appliance monitoring critical networks. And, because it has extra monitoring ports so that other analysis tools can be attached to the critical network while only tapping the link once. This can all be accomplished without introducing a point of failure to the critical link.