Servers & Storage

Complete End-to-End Enterprise Storage Solutions

Tachyon Fibre Channel & SAS/SATA Controllers:

  • PM8001 Tachyon SPC 8x6G (No data sheet)
  • HPFC-5400D / HPFC-5450D DX2 (No data sheet)
  • HPFC-5700C / HPFC-5750C DX4+ (No data sheet)

RAID-on-Chip Controllers and Adapters:

  • PM8011 maxSAS SRC 8x6G (No data sheet)
  • maxRAID BR5225-80 (494.96 KB)

    PCI Express 2.0 to Eight-port 6Gb/s SAS RAID Adapter for SSDs and HDDs

Fibre Channel Loop Switches and Physical Layer Products:

  • PM8371 PBC 10x2G (No data sheet)

maxSAS SAS Expanders and Switches:

  • PM8004 SXP 24x6GSec 6 Gbit/s SAS Expander (No data sheet)
  • PM8005 SXP 36x6GSec 6 Gbit/s SAS Expander (No data sheet)

maxSAS SAS and SATA Multiplexers:

  • PM8305 SPS 3G (188.85 KB)

    SATA/SAS Active/Active Mux with Native Command Queuing

  • PM8307 SPS 3GT (188.51 KB)

    SATA/SAS Active/Active MUX with Native Command Queuing

  • PM8380 QuadSMX 3G (63.3 KB)

    4-Channel Multiplexer and Link Extender for SAS, SATA, Ethernet and FC

Enclosure Management Controllers:


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