SAS Adapters

“Hot-Swap” Drive Adapters for 2.5” & 3.5” Drives
  • ADP-4200 (67.22 KB)

    ADP-4200 is the latest addition to our line of SAS drive backplane adapters. It measures .6” high and 2.76” wide for high-density drive arrays, and easily mounts to your hardware for Hot-Swapping of 2.5” Drives. The 29-pin drive “docking” connector and (2) 7-Pin Signal connectors (for redundant SAS host applications) provides an ideal mounting platform for SAS and SATA Drives. Standard power connector provides +12V and +5V (Optional 3.3V).

  • ADP-4000 (42.71 KB)

    The ADP-4000 allows you to “Hot-Swap” SAS Drives at a fraction of the cost of a backplane. Designed to fit a 1” high, 3.5” SAS Drive, the ADP-4000 provides the Hot-Swap SCA Drive Connector and (2) 7-Pin Signal connectors for redundant host applications. A standard power connector provides +12V,+5V and +3.3V (Optional). The .75”x 3.95” form factor is identical to our SATA ADP-3800 Adapter so you can move up to SAS with no changes to your enclosure’s mounting scheme.

  • ADP-4100 (25.33 KB)

    The ADP-4100 is functionally identical to the ADP-4000 but in a 1.25” x 4.250” form factor. The ADP-4100 is the same overall size and mounting dimensions as our SATA ADP-3900 and ADP-9016 SCSI/LVD Adapter.

External to Internal Chassis Adapters

CSE’s new Chassis Adapters provide a variety of connector combinations to bring High Density SAS or SATA cables into an enclosure with a variety of standard mounting plates.

  • ADP-7084 (23.69 KB)

    The ADP-7084-2 is a High Density Chassis Adapter using Dual 4X to bring (8) SAS/SATA Signal Channels into an enclosure using (2) SFF-8470 External receptacles and (2) SFF8484 Multilane receptacles mounted to a PCB. Available in Standard or Low-Profile PCI Mounting Plates or a Centronics 50 plate.

  • ADP-7084-1 (14.7 KB)

    The ADP-7084-1 is a 4X External Receptacle to a 32-Pin Multilane Internal Receptacle. This allows (4) SAS/SATA Signal Channels into an enclosure on three styles of Mounting Plates.

  • ADP-7082-1 (19.47 KB)

    The ADP-7082-1 is a convenient way to bring your external 4X Cable into a Drive or Host Enclosure. The SFF-8470, 4-Channel External Receptacle is mounted to Standard or Low-Profile PCI Mounting Plates or a Centronics 50 plate and transitions to (4) 7-Pin SAS/SATA signal receptacles for internal connections to Drives, Backplanes or Host Connectors.

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